What is MyVetStoreOnline?

  • Animal Care Center & Pet Care Center's customized online store.
  • Convenient home delivery of medications and supplies.
  • Products include:
    • Heartworm and Flea & Tick preventatives
    • Prescription medications
    • Diets
    • Supplements
    • Treats & Toys

Why MyVetStoreOnline?

  • Are you searching for a product that we don’t stock?
  • Are you moving, but still want to get products from ACC/PCC?
  • Are you physically limited and/or cannot come into our practice very often?
  • Do you have a busy schedule and cannot make it in during business hours?
  • Do you like the convenience of online shopping but don't want to use untrustworthy sources?
  • Do you struggle lifting heavy bags of pet food?
  • Do you run out of pet food before you get a chance to purchase more?
  • Do you struggle to remember your pet's monthly preventatives?

MyVetStoreOnline is the answer you've been waiting for!


Free Shipping on orders over $38:

  • Standard shipping arrives 3 to 7 business days.
  • Expedited shipping is also available.
    • Receive your entire order the next business day for a flat $18 fee.
    • Must be submitted with time for our staff to approve.
  • Free shipping on Royal Canin, Purina and easydoseit! items.
  • Cooler items ship Monday through Thursday with expedited shipping.

easydoseit!: Delivering single dose preventatives right to your door, right on time.

  • Want to purchase less than a year’s supply of a preventative?
  • Trying to budget?
  • Can't remember to give heartworm or flea/tick preventative on time?
  • Schedule doses to come automatically with pay per dose pricing.

Refill Requests:

  • Our online store provides an alternative to calling in prescription refills.
  • You can request refills on our online store to be approved by our staff.

Manufacturer Guaranteed Products:

  • Gain peace of mind with manufacturer guaranteed products from a trusted source.

MyVetStoreOnline Support Line


Terms & conditions apply. All requests are subject to our approval. All prescription medications or diets must be approved by one of our veterinarians. You must be an active client. Your pet must be an active patient. Requests will not be processed during non-business hours.

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